Why BLiSS Edify

  • Foreign Languages
  • Sports Education
  • STEM Education
  • Visual & Performing Arts
  • Service Internships
  • Experienced & Trained Facilitators
  • Student diversity

Due to the exceeding competition, acquiring knowledge of global languages has clearly become more than important. BLiSS Edify offers French and German to all its students from Nursery onwards, making it one of the very few schools in Pune to do so. Learning of foreign languages enables students to explore and learn about related cultures and lifestyles. BLiSS Edify students make a stronghold on the social front wherein they can effortlessly communicate with people from different origins building a strong connection due to the apt understanding of their language. The School plans to widen its horizons by offering Spanish and mandarin in the coming academic years.

Bliss Edify is one of the best schools in Pune for Sports Education & athletics. It encourages students to play sports like basketball, football, tennis, skating, volleyball, swimming and cricket as it boosts self- esteem and confidence. Our initiative is to inculcate sports in the curriculum from Nursery onwards creating a healthier generation of children by involving all students in physical education and sports. The training is provided by  professional staff members who are committed to keeping the child active, involved and engaged.

Bliss Edify integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education in its mainstream programme inspiring its students to meet the challenges of technology driven society through innovation, collaboration and problem solving techniques. Through various STEM experiments, Edify facilitators encourage students to celebrate fun and excitement of science and technology motivating them to take science and technology based career paths to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

Bliss Edify offers Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts as part of its curriculum from Nursery onwards. The music program has been developed by ‘Furtados School of Music’. The Music Programme called “Music is Fun” is a smart program developed by leading pedagogist Ann Bryant from UK who has over 25 years of music teaching experience. A curriculum boasting of 36 session and 4 themes designed in a structured method is implemented by trained faculty. This is used to encourage students to learn music in an innovative way. The children learn Keyboard and multiple percussion instruments like clave sticks, hand drum, xylophone etc. for music learning. The programme involves significant amount of physical activity to keep the children attentive and curious. Dance, Drama and Visual arts are implemented by In house facilitators who have a rich experience and are industry experts of the field.

Bliss Edify partners external agencies to create service based internships for its senior students. This year, the students will be working to deliver literacy classes at a government school in Bhosari. The students will also participate in a sustainable development project at a community centre in the same locality. This program allows students to gain practical, real world experience while making a difference by helping others in need.

Drawn from reputed universities of India and abroad, qualified and experienced facilitators are the greatest asset of BLiSS Edify International School. BLiSS Edify facilitators includes educators from IB and non IB background contributing towards the overall professional and personal development of students. All facilitators go through rigorous professional development and attend dedicated workshops by IBO.

Bliss Edify students have classmates and teachers from diverse countries which allows them to experience and learn about different cultures firsthand. Students have the unique opportunity to discover the differences and similarities in other cultures compared to their own culture. They will likely gain lifelong friendships with other children from countries around the world. Edify has students from multiple nationalities including USA, UK, France, Indonesia etc.

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