Welcome to one of the leading International School in Pune - Edify International, Hinjawadi, Pune

IB Education – the most powerful investment in our children’s future.

Mr. Gautam Budhrani, Chairman of the Budhrani Knowledge Foundation and the generation next entrepreneur of the Budhrani family after creating a mark in the fields of IT, hospital management, hospitality and Life spaces Pan India, Africa and Dubai decided to venture into the field of education and chose IB curriculum as the driving force at Edify International School Pune. 

So, why did he select IB and not any other mainstream national curriculum? He says – All of us teachers, entrepreneurs and corporate of today’s world have studied the traditional way. CBSE, ICSE, SSC were the only options we had where we were made to mug-up everything from grammar to mathematical formulae. . We were never given the opportunity to ask the question – WHY? Today I see my children who come from an IB school coming home and asking me WHY I took a particular decision at work, WHY I chose to have one more child after the first two. WHY is my car a particular way? This trait of being inquisitive, of wanting to know and understanding beyond text books is what I wanted to offer to the future generation”.

The primary focus should not be on following instructions but asking questions irrespective of whether they are right or wrong, valid or invalid however the focus of our national educational system has always been and continues to be ‘answers’. We are supposed to learn the answers and the more we can answer the better grades we get. Search for the right answers, give the right answers and derive the right solutions, eventually it boils down to it being all about answers. IB allows students to breath freely and provides students with the ability to ask questions in a very conscious and systematic manner.

In today’s world, seeking the right information from the abundance of information out there is a necessary skill and at Edify, the students will be encouraged to learn this skill along with critical thinking and problem solving skill. 

There’s great emphasis laid on the school design and facilities that Edify offers to its students.

Research shows that imparting education solely is not enough for the wholesome development of a child. Well-designed spaces augment the experience of education and have a positive impact on child’s psyche and development. The school building is not just an enclosure but the concrete translation of the vision and aspirations of the school. Edify’s well-designed campus provides the right balance of built and open spaces to inspire,  energize and have many positive influences on the child…The innovative school designs, curriculum, facilities will encourage students to think out of the box and also encourage curiosity, innovation and critical thinking of the world around them. There’s immense focus on student’s well-being, health and safety, community engagement, extracurricular activities and cultural identity. These are the necessary requirements of every child’s upbringing today. 

A well equipped library with books from across the globe has been set up at Edify to let the children make new friends. EIS encourages all students to experience different sports and has set up facilities to play football, lawn tennis, volley ball, badminton, basket ball, skating, swimming etc. Considering the reputation of the Budhrani Knowledge Foundation as a charitable trust, Edify learners will certainly be encouraged to participate in student driven service based activities to understand the concepts of empathy and trustworthiness and create a positive impact on the surrounding community. 

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