A typical day at school : Edify International School Pune

A typical day at school : Edify International School Pune

Everyday at 8:45 am in the commotion of buses arriving, students rushing and teachers sprinting for punch-ins, there is a tranquility as it all beholds vibrant smiles and lovely Good morning wishes. 

A typical day at BLiSS Edify lasts from 8:45 am to 3:15 pm. With the first bell ringing, everyone gathers to commence the day with meditation to embrace our worries, fear, and anger, followed by morning prayer and positive quotes to strengthen the confidence, national-international news to keep our learners informed about the happenings around the world and the national anthem that evokes patriotism. Followed by the assembly, the most refreshing time of the day which the Early Years students look forward to is the morning greetings where they happily greet their teachers using the different greeting options and get started for the day on an exciting note! Academics at BLiSS Edify consists of inquiry based and collaborative learning in the global context involving foreign languages like -German and French. The day schedule has a perfect blend of academics, sports, and co-curricular activities.

A Sneak Peek to our classrooms

Our students constantly work collaboratively, sharing ideas, thinking through problems and exploring artifacts and sources of evidence. It looks like a busy, productive factory with bodies moving and voices chatting. Positioning of the tables and chairs into groups is the most effective way of accomplishing this. The children can sit beside and opposite one another, they can move around their group, they can all see, hear and access materials far more easily than if they were sitting in rows. Of course, there are times when a facilitator has to single out a few seats and separate children in order to maintain management. 

Reading Corner

To get children excited about reading and nurture the young minds, we set up a cozy reading corner inside the classroom space which gives a breathing space to our children where they can relax, decompress, calm down and recover from the sensory overload of the classroom.

During break time, or before and after finishing their task, students can easily pick up a book from the library inside their classroom. By having a Reading Corner, students have instant access to high-quality books that are engaging, interesting and educational. This encourages independent learning, intellectual curiosity and helps spark a passion for reading. 

I-pads and Books as Research Tools

At BLiSS Edify, so much of learning is inquiry based, student led and teacher facilitated and therefore our students are constantly researching. Hence, we have tools like I-pads and a wide range of books displayed for research in the classrooms. Students have access to other fantastic tools like encyclopedias, dictionaries and Maps / world globe.

Transdisciplinary approach

Versatile Sports options like swimming, skating, tennis, basketball and football are enjoyed and actively participated by learners during their day. The performing arts are mostly integrated with the academic curriculum making the learning more relevant, significant and engaging. ICT and Design subject forms an integral part of a day at BLiSS Edify that ensure advanced technical knowledge for the students.

School Cafeteria

The learners and facilitators get together for healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks in our refreshing cafeteria. Our school cafeteria is a great place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating. School cafeterias favor the development of hygienic habits and promote good diets. Furthermore, students learn the proper body posture to adopt while they’re eating. Likewise, they also learn to respect their classmates and lunchroom staff, as well as table manners. Eating at school helps children develop Social skills. 


For the minor injuries and health issues our in-house/well equipped Infirmary is always functional . The grievances are first healed by the kind and caring attitude and then the medical aid by our benevolent nurse.

To continue to stay true to our mission: we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, concepts, action and attributes needed for them to create the kind of world they want to live in. Thus enriching and empowering our young generation to be Global citizens in true sense!

Happy and satisfied with their own contributions in the day, our learners and facilitators end their day at school with content minds and smiles on their faces.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”- Albert Einstein

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