Early Years Program (Nursery, Prep1 & Prep2)​

Children have a natural ability and readiness to learn. During the nascent years of learning, our program plays a positive role in mentoring them, giving them opportunities to explore and discover, making sure they enjoy the process of guided learning.
The framework for our EYP program which includes our Toddler program, EYP, Nursery, Prep 1 and Prep 2 is based on the universally established areas of learning and development and also emphasises on the physical growing abilities that are prerequisites for a child. (Eating Independence, Toilet Hygiene, Grooming independence and other self help skills).

These skills are essential for progress of learning in other areas in life. Areas of learning and development – Personal, Sociocultural, Behavioural and Emotional Development, Communication and Language,Mathematical Development, Understanding of the World, Physical Development, EAD – Expressive Arts and Design, Literacy Development.

Young learners are creative, intelligent and very resourceful individuals. Each young learner develops at their own pace and this is very evidently considered in our engagements for these little toddlers. Our School considers itself a primary caregiver and responsible for the emotional and physical well-being of the child. Pastoral care at our school focuses on the whole student (personal, social, and academic) and it engages all members of the school community as care providers. It actively involves the faculty community, comprehensive and multi-level activities which incorporate class room approaches, promote students’ personal and social development and fosters positive attitudes. This reflects in the nature of relationships amongst students, teachers and adults with the young learners.

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