BLISS Edify International School, Hinjawadi, Pune
International Curriculum

BLISS Edify International School is impacting the world with their educational approach which is relevant, innovative and inspiring, built upon values which anchor learners throughout decades. In 2018 BLISS Edify International School started as a Early, Junior and Middle school in Hinjewadi,in Pune. Our diverse student body, dedicated staff and our educational approach is relevant, innovative and inspiring. Over the past decade an educational approach which focuses on organised self-led learning and a collaborative approach in the classroom, using newer technologies as an educational tool is being used all over the world. Students at BLISS create a Self-Led learning environment.

Our School images in a personalised learning environment not a standardised one. We offer an International curriculum which adopts a research and inquiry led pedagogy. Our students think critically and are the Leaders of tomorrow. Students in BLISS Edify understand how knowledge itself is constructed. The school Ethos is such where fish are not forced to climb trees. The curriculum is unique in its nature as it encourages students across the spectrum to consider both local and global contexts mapping the inquiry led learning to mainstream education. We graduate self-directed and reflective young people equipped for leadership and influence throughout the world.
Academically, we respect the IB pedagogy and work in alignment with its evolved and dynamic teaching & learning process. We honour its verification and evaluation process to accredit the school as an IB Authorised school for all programmes and include their mandatory disclaimer text in all branding, promotions of the school & its programmes.
The school achieved its IB MYP authorisation in the year January 2021.

As part of this programme, engagements are designed to offer your child plenty of stimulation at this crucial stage. Read More..

The PYP is an inclusive and transdisciplinary curriculum framework where learning is not confined within the boundaries of traditional subject areas but is supported and enriched by them. Read More..

The MYP programme model allows the holistic development of a child. It helps the candidate to explore various subject groups and establish strong disciplinary grounding. Read More.. 

2019 – 20

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