Hon. Gautam Budhrani


Mr Gautam Budhrani , Chairman of BLiSS always dreamt of establishing a academy with a primary focus of the children being  encouraged to ask questions. “Valid/ invalid, right or wrong does not matter. children are born with the innate ability to question , to explore and to learn, so why curb this ability  ” he says. 
This next generation entrepreneur of the Budhrani Family chose a syllabus that allows students  to breathe freely and gain knowledge in a conscious, systematic and organic manner. 
He founded the Budhrani League of International School Services to establish places of learning that encourage children to grow into balanced and confident individuals.

Message from the CMD-
I take this opportunity to welcome you to BliSS Edify International School and hope that the information that follows helps you to gain useful insights on what the school has to offer.  I believe in creating opportunities that help shape the children into well rounded individuals that grow up and make a positive impact and contribution to the communities they inhabit. 

We hope you take an opportunity to visit the school and see the spirit and enthusiasm of the students for yourself.

Ms. Chand Budhrani


Ms Chand, with a belief that all children can learn and are entilted to relevant curriculum, and an  atmosphere  that promotes self worth, character and competence development , has helped found the BLiSS foundation. The education philosophy of schools working under this foundation is that skills like independence, leadership, innovation, problem solving, and responsibility are emphasized upon in the environment of academic inquiry.

The purpose of this education is to prepare the children step into tomorrow with confidence and competence.

As a community it is essential that the children understand the value of  healthy relationships and social behaviour, social development and, resilience which is fundamental to overcoming difficulties, facing challenges, and long term success in any field. The tools that we use to help children learn what they need to learn these skills are integrated in the curriculum.

Ms. A.K.Sheeza

Dean of Academics

Ms. Sheeza is associated with the field of education since 2007 and has a vast experience in various educational boards from Montessori to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB. She is presently associated with Edify International School, Pune, as a Dean of Academics. She is an active practitioner of IB since almost 10 years now and throughout her IB journey she has worked in various capacities across three programmes – IB PYP, IB MYP and IB DP. She is an IB Examiner and possess experience for MYP French as Language Acquisition, MYP Personal Project in two languages (French and English) and DP for French ab-initio and B SL. She is also associated with esteemed International Baccalaureate educator network (IBEN)as a Workshop Leader & as a School Visit Team Member and works for the  global quality assurance and consistency in the delivery of IB services around the world.

Mr. Imran Bandeali

Chief Admissions & Marketing Officer

Imran Bandeali is working with the Edify International School Pune as the Chief Admissions Officer leading a team of Admissions and Marketing professionals to recruit mission appropriate students and ensure an enriching experience for them. Mr. Bandeali is an Education Marketer, talent identification expert and a blogger. Mr Bandeali has 13 years of work experience including 8 years in the field of School Marketing. Mr. Bandeali is a regular contributor to the IAB Magazine produced by Faria Education Group and has been part of multiple admissions and marketing conferences as a Speaker in Shanghai, Mumbai (Open Apply) and Amsterdam (ECIS). He has worked as a Volunteer with the Aga Khan Development Network in the field of Education service for 14 years leading programs related to retaining school dropouts, careers and tertiary scholarships for meritorious students. Mr. Bandeali is also working with Dr. John Munro, a world renowned researcher in Giftedness to come up with the tools required to identify giftedness.

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Vasant Wagh
    Ex-Principal, Fergusson College

  • Dr. Sangeeta Kale
    Professor and Dean (SA),
    Defence Institute of Advanced Technology

  • Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani
    MD, Syska

  • Mr. Niranjan Mundargi
    Sr. Counsel (Advocate)
  • Mr. Vikas Varma
    Co-founder and CEO, Bflix Movies

  • Mr. Achyut Palav

  • Mr. Adil Darukhanawala
    Editor-in-Chief, Fast Bikes India

  • Mr. G.A. Bhilare
    Structural Engineer

  • Mr. Shree Aswani

International School in Pune

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